Women Drink More Alcohol In College Than Men Claims Study

Women drink more alcohol in college than men, says a new study that makes you wonder where they’re getting the money to pay for this stuff.

As previously reported The Inquisitr, not only do women drink more in college, women drink more after getting married as well.

Researchers examined the lifestyles of married, divorced, and widowed women and found that married women consume more alcohol on a more regular basis. The study also found that happily married men drink less than single male friends and far less than divorced men.

The new study claiming that women drink more alcohol in college than men was undertaken by the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Addiction Medicine. College women tend to test the limits of alcohol more than college men, drinking more than the recommended four drinks in a single day and no more than seven drinks per week. For men, five drinks a day and 14 drinks a week are considered low-risk.

Women drink more alcohol than men especially after the first year of college. Men tend to calm down in their drinking excesses while women maintain the same patterns. Research has also shown that white young women with college educations making over $75,000 are more likely to binge drink.

At the same time, men tend to exceed the daily limit while women drink more on a weekly basis. Altogether, 85.4 percent of the 992 students in the study exceeded a alcohol drinking guidelines at least once during their first week of college.

Are you surprised that college women drink more alcohol than men?