Sheriff Joe Arpaio Recall Failed In Immigration Enforcement Battle?

Patrick Frye

Did the Sheriff Joe Arpaio recall fail?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, efforts for a Sheriff Joe recall are minutes away from the deadline of 4 pm Mountain time in Arizona. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio faces dismissal from his elected position if 335,000 signatures are collected by today's deadline.

The Sheriff Joe recall effort came about after a Federal judge accused the office of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of using racial profiling in its immigration enforcement battle along the Arizona border with Mexico. The judge who authorized the Sheriff Joe recall gave from May 26th through today to gather the required signatures.

As of last count, earlier in the the day the total number of signatures collected was just over 200,000. So unless there was a sudden surge of Sheriff Joe recall supporters then it's likely Sheriff Joe Arpaio is keeping his job.

[UPDATE] The Sheriff Joe recall has officially failed. Sheiriff Joe recall campaign manager Lilia Alvarez says "we have come short" but won't reveal exactly how many petitions they received, claiming, "The count at this point doesn't matter." The only official number still stands at 200,000. In the hours before the deadline for the Sheriff Joe recall only a "trickle of people" were described as showing up. No more information was released, including demographics or any other statistics.

U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow explained the reasoning behind the Sheriff Joe recall:

"The evidence introduced at trial establishes that, in the past, the MCSO has aggressively protected its right to engage in immigration and immigration-related enforcement operations even when it had no accurate legal basis for doing so."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio released an official statement decrying the Sheriff Joe recall effort:

"One hundred of my deputies were authorized and trained by the federal government, ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), to enforce federal immigration law. Now, a federal court has ruled that federal training was unconstitutional, and it led to racial profiling. We will appeal this ruling. You know, as sheriff I uphold the law. The court's order is clear. We will no longer detain persons believed to be in the country without authorization whom we cannot arrest on state charges. I have already instructed my deputies."

Do you agree with the Sheriff Joe recall or do you believe Sheriff Joe Arpaio deserves to keep his job?