Sharon Stone’s Too-Late Backpeddling

Sharon Stone’s comments about China’s “bad karma” have not gone unnoticed, and not just because they were incredibly offensive, either. They were also stupid. What exactly did Sharon think she could accomplish by ripping into the Chinese at Cannes, of all places, and after a disaster that has now left almost 70,000 dead? After Sharon stated that China had been stricken by bad karma for “not being nice to the Dalai Lama” and their treatment of the Tibetans, she was banned from the Shanghai International Film Festival, with her face erased from the country’s Christian Dior adverts.

Now, as we could all predict, Sharon’s trying to make nice. She recently offered her help in a relief effort to “wholly devote myself to helping affected Chinese people,” and apologized for her “inappropriate words and acts during the interview.” You’re probably not surprised that nobody really cares.

Sharon, it looks like karma has plans for you, too.

Image: WireImage