The new nVidia graphics chip – have you seen what this sucker can do?

By now anyone who is a gadget-head will have heard the news that nVidia has finally debuted its next generation graphics card sporting the the GeForce GTX 400 series, also known by the codename Fermi. While it was first announced around six months ago manufacturing problems delayed its release until now.

For now nVidia is aiming the new card at the high-end gamer market which considering the hefty price tag; $349.00 to $499.00, that goes with the cards but it shouldn’t be long before we start seeing them trickle down to a more reasonably price. In order to show off the new cards and their support of DirectX 11 the company put together a nice little video with some background on the new cards and what we can expect from them.

hat tip to VentureBeat