Sarah Palin Says No To Google Glass

Sarah Palin says no to Google glass.

The former governor of Alaska and onetime Republic presidential running mate ran into journalist Nilay Patel, one of the early adopters of Google’s computerized glasses. Patel was in a hotel before the Indianapolis 500 when Palin walked in.

Patel asked Sarah Palin if she wanted to take a picture with his Google Glass, but she said no.

Patel recalls:

“The thing about Glass is that it’s a gigantic LOOK AT ME plastered on the front of your face; a call for attention that also serves as an invitation for people to openly judge you. Most of us walk through life at various levels of happy anonymity, but Glass puts a spotlight on you unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Sarah’s hesitancy with Google glass wasn’t a fear of technology, but instead wariness about what Patel might do with the photos.

“At one point during the evening Sarah Palin arrived at the hotel and made a smooth, practiced pass through the bar shaking hands and taking photos with a long line of admirers,” Patel wrote. “I stood next to her for several minutes but she wouldn’t take a photo with me or wear Glass. ‘What’s in it for us?’ asked her husband Todd, staring squarely at the camera and screen floating just above my hazy, bourbon-enhanced eyes. ‘We don’t know what company you’re with.’ “

Others still take Sarah Palin’s no to Google glass as a sign of her refusal to accept change. In a recent Facebook post Palin also cast doubt on climate change.

“Global warming my gluteus maximus,” Palin wrote on her Facebook page with a picture of her youngest daughter, Piper, playing in the snow after graduation.”This is what ‘Grad Blast’ means in Alaska! We’ll move our graduation b-b-q indoors and watch the mini-blizzard from ’round the fireplace.”

So for Sarah Palin it’s no to Google glass, no to climate change.