Corey Feldman Gets His Stolen $100,000 Jacket Back

Corey Feldman lost a jacket worth $100,000 while at the House of Blues in 2011, and now a Boston man found it on sale at a local flea market.

Feldman said the jacket he wore in the 1989 movie Dream a Little Dream was worth $100,000, but it was stolen during a trip to the Los Angeles restaurant and concert hall.

After shooting wrapped on the 1989 teen film, Feldman reportedly hung onto the jacket and treasured it — until it turned up missing, that is.

Luckily for Corey Feldman, the jacket turned up at a flea market in Boston. Luckily the man who bought it recognized the jacked and knew that it had belonged to the actor, so he got in touch with Corey to have it returned to its rightful owner.

The man who returned the jacket to Corey Feldman got a pretty nice reward. Feldman paid for a luxury weekend in Los Angeles, including a flight, hotel stay, and appearance on stage with Feldman’s rock band. Corey is also donating some of the profit from his band’s concert to One Fund Boston, a fund created by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to benefit victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Aside from the accommodations, Feldman also set the guy up with a 6-foot tall female bodyguard to “protect” him during the visit.

It’s probably just coincidence, but Corey Feldman actually got into some trouble with another tall woman last year. Last year a 6-foot tall, 300-pound woman was arrested at his request after she violated a restraining order.

The alleged stalker, Jennifer Hebert, was once a friend and roommate of Feldman but things soured and he took out an order of protection — only because they were roommates a judge required she stay at least six feet away.

It isn’t clear what Corey Feldman will do with the jacket, which TMZ described as “tacky.”