‘SheZow,’ Transgender Cartoon Coming To Kids Channel The Hub

SheZow, a transgender cartoon (probably the first of its kind), has been slated for a June 1 debut on the kids’ channel The Hub after launching to some acclaim in Canada and Australia.

The series focuses on 12-year-old Guy, an “extreme dude,” who inherits the power ring of his deceased aunt, who was at one time the amazing superhero SheZow. “The ring gives him villain-battling super powers, but was meant to be worn by a girl and the result is absolutely she-larious,” according to the synopsis on the channel’s website.

To turn in to SheZow, Guy must put on the ring and say the magic words — “You go, girl!”

The Hub, a joint venture between Discovery and Hasbro — needs a hit with just two shows making a blip on the kids TV programming radar — Transformers and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic — and this could be the right time for it with tides shifting on marriage equality.

Then again, the transgender issue has seemed to cause more division than gay marriage. In February, a transgender six-year-old was barred from her school’s restrooms, and just this month, a transgender student in New Mexico was told that if he wanted to attend the prom, he would do so in a gown or be forced out of “walking” at graduation.

(Yep, we foresee pushback on this idea.)

Margaret Loesch, chief executive for The Hub, told The Los Angeles Times, “When I first heard about the show, my reaction was ‘Are you out of your minds?’ Then I looked at it and I thought, ‘This is just funny.'”

Conservatives aren’t laughing. Ben Shapiro at Breitbart said Loesch “may or may not have been high (and leftist) when she greenlit this project.”

Shapiro wasn’t too enthusiastic about the show’s future from a ratings perspective either, calling the SheZow transgender cartoon The Hub’s “latest soon-to-be-dud.”

Commenters took over from there: “Why is the left determined to pollute the minds of our children?” said Bruiser in Houston. “Because that’s how they get more members, resources, votes, political power, money, and additional people to be perverted with,” answered Troy To You.

And this, from Liberty_Jane: “Liberals abort their children so they have to try to indoctrinate ours.” Here’s the show’s intro:

What are your thoughts on the SheZow transgender cartoon — age-appropriate material or programming overreach?