A behind the scenes of Splinter Cell with star Michael Ironside

If there is one video game franchise that has stood the test of time it would have to be Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. Unlike most games of its type killing isn’t always the best answer and in the same fashion the game developer, UbiSoft, isn’t one to shy away from exploring the american military and its foreign activities.

As interesting as all that stuff might make the game it might also be said that the game’s success is also due in large part to Michael Ironside who is the voice of the lead character in the game – Sam Fisher. Unlike other actors who take on video game roles for the money and then run as quickly as they can from any association with a game Michael has embraced his role in the Splinter Cell world.

There is even a famous moment in the industry where he promised to rip up his paycheck unless the character of Sam Fisher was portrayed responsibly. Kris Abel was lucky enough to do an interview with Michael which he kindly shares with us.

It’s a fascinating interview so thanks to Kris for this.