Golfer Fined $20 By NCAA After Washing Car On School Property

The NCAA has strict rules about student athletes receiving special treatment. The rules are so strict, apparently, that washing a car can be viewed as an ethical violation.

According to Yahoo, an unnamed female golfer in the West Coast Conference was fined $20 after she used a school hose and school water to wash her car on campus.

So how did the NCAA find out about this egregious disregard of the NCAA conduct policy? Well, apparently the school self-reported itself to the NCAA. And instead of laughing at the ridiculous report, the NCAA actually requested that the golfer pay a $20 to cover the cost of hose rental and used water.

The NCAA hasn’t commented on the fine but a source close to the situation said that the organization decided that the impromptu car wash violated NCAA policy because the hose wasn’t regularly available to other students.

The NCAA has seen some major violations in the past regarding players and illegal gifts but this has got to be the first time that the “gift” has been hose water. And seriously? $20 for one-time use of a hose? The golfer should at least be able to keep the hose as a reminder that she is no better than anyone else.

Portland Basketball coach Eric Reveno tweeted about the violation earlier this week with the hashtag #stopinsanity. Reveno also noted that a WCC coach violated NCAA regulations after he texted a potential recruit “who is this?”