Burger King Introduces Hands-Free Whopper Holder

You know what’s really annoying? Having to hold onto a burger when eating it. I mean we have better things to do with our hands. The solution? Burger King’s Hands Free Whopper Holder.

Why this type of food eating innovation has never before been seen is beyond me. I mean, you take a burger, you shove it in the holder, you place the device around your neck, and you eat.

Need to work on a school project that’s due in a few hours but you’re starving? Burger King has got your back! Boss bugging you to finish that last minute project? No problem! Work long hours with few breaks as a sign language expert? You’re good to go!

You may recall that McDonald’s pulled the same type of shenanigans, but they focused on french fries.

The Hands Free Whopper Holder was created and handed out to fifty “loyalty program” customers in Puerto Rico. Burger King created the Whopper holder to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary.

I’m not really sure if this makes driving while eating any safer, but I like the idea of having my hands free at all time.

I don’t understand the words in the song being sung, but I love the Burger King calls the device good for “multitasking.” Also, does anyone else feel as if Burger King just took a harmonic holder and prettied it up? Oh, another use, musicians who forget to eat before a live show!

Check out the Burger King Hands Free Whopper holder in the video below:

So what says you internet foodies? Will you be creating your own hands free Whopper holder so you can eat your food while blogging about your food? What possibilities can you envision foor the hands free Whopper holder?