June 17, 2013
New Segway-Like Vehicle Unveiled by Honda, For Indoor Use

A new, Segway-like vehicle intended for indoor use has been revealed by automaker Honda, but at first glance, one wonders who exactly is the market for such a conveyance and whether people need any more help not walking indoors.

The new Segway-like vehicle clearly has some crossover with the "wheelie carts" or "Jazzies" or other nicknames for personal mobility scooters- which are the things you often see at Walmart or Target to facilitate shopping for the elderly or those with limited mobility, but are frequently stereotyped as being used by those "too fat to walk on their own."

Whether or not any one individual has need for a Segway-like vehicle or personal mobility scooter is an issue kind of like handicap-accessible parking- it is impossible to tell whether the person who appears fit or perhaps overweight actually 'needs' a scooter. (And I recall my own horrific mortification when I badly sprained an ankle in the last week of my second pregnancy and was forced to use something way less cool than the new Segway-like vehicles to pick up some last minute diapers and wipes while my spouse was at work.)

We do know that as a people in America at least, little needs to be done to encourage us not to get off our often-jiggly asses and walk a bit more- and a cursory glance at the new Segway-like vehicle makes you wonder if an older or otherwise disabled person can even sit on its unicycle-esque design comfortably. However, concerns of facilitating obesity-encouraging behaviors are a bit premature.

Not only is the new Segway-like vehicle dubbed the U3-X still only a concept, it is also only really for use by those who are shorter than five feet tall- excepting much of the adult population of anywhere.