Manuel Pellegrini Has A Verbal Agreement To Become Manchester City Manager

Manuel Pellegrini has all but confirmed that he will become Manchester City’s new manager at some point over the next few weeks.

The Spaniard told a Spanish radio show that he has an arrangement with the club to take over from Roberto Mancini, which comes just a few days after he quit his position at Malaga.

Pellegrini told Al Primer Toque, “I have a verbal agreement with them and hopefully that can become official.”

The 59-year-old manager, who in the past has taken charge of Real Madrid, also added, “I have always liked challenges and I am very exited by this project. The idea is to build a project at all levels. The chance to construct an infrastructure is as important to me as simply turning up at a team that has a chance of winning things. For me, the objective is not just titles.”

Pellegrini also found time to lay out his planned footballing philosophies at the Etihad, noting, “You have to know where you are and how you are going to progress and develop the club.”

He then added, “I want to win titles and do it with a certain style of play. It is not just about winning, it is about image as well, helping build a club that has resources, stability, a long-term plan, that plays attractive football. I believe that the better football you play the better chance you have of winning. In that sense I am results-driven too, but it is deeper than just the egotism of wanting to turn up and win.”

Pellegrini also praised the squad that he will inherit, stating, “City have a great team, a great squad and they have people who are very clear about where they want to go and how the club should develop. [David] Silva is the kind of player that makes the difference. We will have a squad that can play very good football. I am sure we will play attractive football.”

Do you think that Manuel Pellegrini will be a success at Manchester City?

[Image via Maxisport/Shutterstock]