Bon Jovi Waives Spanish Concert Fee To Help Cash-Strapped Fans

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates have waved their concert fee in Spain for the upcoming sold-out concert on June 27.

Tickets for the Bon Jovi show range from 18 euros ($23) to 39 euros ($50). Those prices were cut nearly in half after the band decided to ditch its typical concert payment in order to help out fans.

Madrid where the concert will take place is experiencing the major effects of Spain’s economic crisis.

Spain’s El Mundo newspaper reports that the band was originally worried about selling out the show because of cash-strapped fans.

Speaking to the press Bon Jovi said he loves Spain and “I didn’t want to let fans down.”

By dropping their performance fee ticket prices were drastically lowered. The tickets were eventually sold at only the cost required to cover the staging of the concert. Ticket sales now cover the venue fee, paying staff members, and other basic necessities.

Despite years of touring the band continues to command millions of dollars in touring fees every single year.

Bon Jovi tells CNBC:

“When we started planning our tour for our album, ‘What about now’, we did a study and found that, due to the economic situation, Spain wouldn’t be on the roadmap.”

Bon Jovi then added:

“However, we didn’t want to ditch the fans of a country I love and has treated me so well for 30 years.”

Unemployment in Spain hit a record 27.2 percent in Q1 2013 while youth unemployment has hit an amazing 57 percent.

Do you think Bon Jovi waiving its concert fees shows a deep respect for fans of their music?