Missing Horse Rescued Thanks To Telepathy

Todd Rigney

Redmond, WA - A horse stuck in a ravine was rescued using the power of telepathy.

When the four-year-old horse went missing, Saddle Rock Stables owner Barbara Linstedt enlisted the help of professional communicator Joan Ranquet. Using her telepathic powers, Ranquet was able to locate Lindstedt's stranded animal.

The Norwegian fjord named Gemma has a history of escaping from the stable as well as other behavioral problems. Linstedt and several caretakers spent hours searching for the horse, though they couldn't seem to locate her anywhere. Neighbors were soon alerted to the situation.

That's when Barbara decided to enlist the help of Joan Ranquet, who has a history of successfully communicating with horses using telepathy. The woman was soon able to locate Gemma.

"I just got some pictures and words and feelings -- I got a sense of where she was. It's the process of telepathy, which is something that we all do. But I got good at it. I didn't hear a lot of words. It was more just a sense of those pictures and the sounds," the communicatorr said of her technique.

Ranquet explained that the horse had stumbled into a nearby ravine and landed on a ledge. After taking a look around the area in question, rescuers discovered the missing horse was exactly where she said. Linstedt believes they wouldn't have found her without Ranquet's assistance.

"She fell over a big downed tree. I have no idea how she survived, let alone didn't break a couple legs," explained Gemma's owner explained.

Since the horse fell nearly 70 feet into the ravine, rescuers had to use a harness and a pulley system in order to get Gemma to safety. Several workers from the State Animal Response Team were finally able to recover the horse from the ravine Tuesday afternoon.

Although Ranquet said she can connect with animals, she insists that she isn't a psychic. Joan also believes that anyone can become a communicator.

"I was always very connected, as everybody is. We all do telepathy, we just don't realize it. I went and I studied with a woman named Carol Gurney and I started doing it really quickly. Now I teach animal communication all over the country," she explained.

What do you think about rescuers locating a missing horse with the help of telepathy?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]