Did Liam And Miley Split? Cyrus Poses In Wedding Dress [Photo]

Have Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus split? Judging from a recent picture posted on Twitter, this may not be the case.

The couple spend quite a bit of their free time squashing reports that their relationship is on the rocks. Instead of issuing a statement for the umpteenth time, the former Hannah Montana star addressed the situation with a post on Twitter.

The tweet in question features a photo of Miley Cyrus posing in a wedding dress. The picture was reportedly taken on the same day that the singer was filming a music video.

The Twitter post doesn’t include a caption or an explanation. Although it could be sheer coincidence that she uploaded the photo shortly after these reports started to surface, chances are this is Cyrus’ official response to these rumors.

Sources reportedly told Us Weekly earlier this week that Liam and Miley had decided to call it quits. This is just the latest rumor in a long line of relationship reports that have plagued the couple this year.

According to the publication, multiple insiders claimed that Hemsworth and Cyrus have split. Depending upon who you believe, the couple are said to be sleeping in separate rooms while living together in Los Angeles.

Miley told the folks at V magazine earlier this month that the couple can’t spend every waking moment together since they often have conflicting schedules.

“I’m not home with my boyfriend all the time. We work! He gets up to work out at six and I come home around five from the studio. Every week it’s, ‘Are they broken up? Because we don’t see a photo of them.’ I don’t have time to go to Starbucks with my boyfriend every morning. I wish I did, but I don’t,” she explained.

Here’s the picture of the singer in the wedding dress.

Do you think Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have split for good?

[Top Image via Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com – Bottom Image via Twitter]