Justin Bieber Talk To Us Say Cops, Lil Twist Pulled In Singer’s Ferrari

Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari was pulled over by police on Wednesday, May 29, less than a mile away from the Calabasas, Los Angeles neighborhood. Rapper Lil Twist was driving the vehicle at the time.

In a picture taken by X17Online, which can be seen here, a police officer can be seen talking to Lil Twist — whose real name is Christopher Lynn Moore — who is seated behind the wheel of the 458 Italia Ferrari.

According to TMZ, Lil Twist was stopped for breaking the local speed limit.

The Young Money rapper was reportedly let off with a warning.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has tangled with the law while driving one of Bieber’s cars. Back in March, Lil Twist, who is a friend of the teen star, crashed the 19-year-old’s Fisker Karma into parking lot poles in San Fernando Valley.

Lil Twist was also driving Bieber’s white Ferrari on January 1 this year when he was pulled over by traffic police. During that incident, a paparazzo mistakenly thinking Bieber was driving stopped to take a picture and later died after he was hit by a passing car.

While this latest incident doesn’t directly involve Bieber, it is likely to ramp up tensions between the teen star and his neighbors.

The singer is already being investigated by the L.A County Sheriff’s Department after two complainants called the police on Monday to report the Canadian for alleged reckless driving his Ferrari around the Calabasas community.

Although Bieber sources have denied he was driving the vehicle at the time in question — and have said Odd Future rapper Tyler, The Creator was driving — police say they have two witnesses who saw the teen star behind the wheel of the Ferrari allegedly speeding through the local area.

One of the witnesses was former-NFL star, now ESPN commentator, Keyshawn Johnson.

On Monday, the ex-wide receiver was outside with his three-year-old daughter and another Calabasas resident who was putting out trash. They claim they saw Bieber driving, Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Whitmore said Johnson drove to Bieber’s house [after taking his daughter back inside] and saw the singer backing the Ferrari into a garage.

Police reports state Johnson extended his arm to prevent the garage door from closing and confronted the pop star, who it’s alleged was sitting in the driver’s seat.

“He was concerned about his daughter, and he wanted to talk to Mr. Bieber about that,” Whitmore said. “Mr. Bieber hurried into the home without talking to anybody.”

Sheriff’s deputies responding to two separate calls attended the singer’s home, but the teen refused to talk on the advice of counsel, Whitmore said. He added that Bieber has not yet provided a statement to police.

Whitmore’s most recent statement is a direct challenge to the performer.

“Mr. Bieber is making statements through others that he was not driving. If he wants to set the record straight, contact us for sit-down, thorough interview. He has to ask himself the question, ‘If you have nothing to hide, why not talk to us?’ ”

Monday’s alleged reckless driving furor and the Lil Twist stoppage are the latest in a history of alleged neighborhood nuisance incidents either involving either Bieber and/or his friends when they guest at his house.

Deputies will file a reckless driving report with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to consider filing misdemeanor charges against Bieber in the next week or two, the Associated Press reports.

Prosecutors are currently mulling whether to charge Bieber with battery after another neighbor claimed the teen spat at and threatened him during a heated argument over his alleged reckless driving in March.

In addition, CNN reports that a bodyguard employed by one of the celebrities living the Calabasas community told them: “Somebody’s going to beat him up if he doesn’t slow down.”

Bieber’s publicist has yet to comment on Monday’s alleged reckless driving incident.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com ]