87-Year-Old Skydiver Jumps To Honor Ailing Great-Grandson

An 87-year-old skydiver has jumped from an airplane to honor his ailing 11-month-old great-grandson, according to a report from WLWT.com.

Clarence Turner, a member of Army Airborne during World War II, served in the Pacific theater and safely made 16 jumps as a younger man, but it was probably this latest that was the most special.

Turner’s great-grandson is Julian Couch, who suffers from a rare protein deficiency, NBC News notes. “Today, I’m really jumping for Julian, the baby that’s had a lung transplant on Mother’s Day. It’s the least I can do for him,” Turner said prior to his successful tandem jump with a skydiving instructor from 11,000 feet.

Turner said that baby Julian has spent every day of his life inside a hospital, adding that he hoped the child would one day be able to see his great-grandfather’s skydive.

Turner’s feat may be uncommon, but it’s certainly nothing new. In fact, former President George Bush, Sr., made the leap at age 85 in 2009, but that was to celebrate a birthday.

The 87-year-old skydiver did his for a child and for the child’s parents, who have reportedly amassed more than $1 million in medical expenses since their son was born.

The family is currently running a GoFundMe project with hopes of reaching a $50,000 goal. (As of this writing, they have raised a little more than $5,000.)

According to the project page, Julian was added to the double lung and heart transplant list in April, but, even with the transplant, there is only a 57 percent survival rate past the age of five.

Not great odds, but The Inquisitr has seen some pretty amazing tales of little tykes beating the odds including one case in February of a child, who had just been pronounced dead, coming back to life.

Julian has fought hard so far, and he’s got a pretty cool great-grandpa in his corner, so we wish the family our best.

Could you ever see yourself as an 87-year-old skydiver?

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