Al Pacino Sells Guest House For A Whopping $3.3 Million

Al Pacino recently sold his guest house for a staggering amount of money.

The legendary actor was apparently tired of having people stop by his New York home for a visit. The Scarface star decided to part ways with the property for a cool $3.3 million.

What is considered to be a guest house by Al Pacino is actually a spacious abode for most folks. The 4,340 square-foot home sits on three acres of beautiful land. In addition three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the property reportedly features some of the “best Hudson River views in New York.”

Although paying millions of dollars for a guest house owned by Al Pacino may sound like a lot, you do get a fair amount of swank for your buck. Not only does the home come equipped with large picture windows and a living that opens directly onto a patio, it also features a gorgeous spiral staircase.

So who happens to have $3.3 million just lying around to purchase a celebrity guest house? Veteran songwriters and music producers Curt and Sabelle Frasca reportedly spent lots of money on the property. Judging from the pictures at The Real Estalker, chances are they’re going to enjoy their purchase.

This isn’t the first time Al Pacino’s guest house has been on the market. According to the information posted at, the actor previously put the home up for grabs in 2012. The original asking price was approximately $4.4 million. It would appear that the Frascas got a bit of a deal on the house.

When he isn’t selling guest houses for millions of dollars, Pacino still finds time to make some movies. Although he famously dropped out of Despicable Me 2, he still has Dan Fogelman’s Imagine and David Gordon Green’s Manglehorn in the works.

What do you think about Al Pacino selling his guest house for $3.3 million?

[Image via Patryk Kosmider /]