Patrick Stewart Gets First NY Pizza Slice

Patrick Stewart has boldly gone where millions of others have gone before: A New York pizza joint. The 72-year-old actor had his first slice of NY pizza this week at an undisclosed Brooklyn location.

The Social News Daily reports that Stewart moved into the Brooklyn area last summer, but he has apparently been too busy to try one of New York’s famous pizzas.

It wasn’t until this week that the Star Trek actor finally sat down to enjoy his first authentic piece of New York pizza.

It’s unclear what pizza joint Stewart visited, but it’s probably somewhere near his Park Slope neighborhood.

Now, eating a piece of pizza isn’t as simple as it sounds. New York pizza is so thin and flimsy (sorry, Chicago native here) that it is almost impossible to hold. That is, unless you know how to do the “authentic New York fold.”

This may have been Stewart’s first piece of NY pizza but the actor has already mastered New York’s folding technique.

Stewart wrote on Twitter: “My first ever pizza slice. Please note: the authentic NY fold.”

Patrick Stewart has been all around the galaxy. He’s been to distant planets and has feasted on alien cuisine. But it wasn’t until today, May 29, 2013, that the legendary actor made his way to Brooklyn for his first authentic slice of New York pizza.