WATCH: Bear Collision With Car Captured On Dash Cam Video

The old riddle “why did the chicken cross the road?” may also apply to bears

But it also should be noted that bears and humans need to look both ways first especially when cars are moving in both directions.

In this dash cam video, a youngish black bear wandered out into a roadway in a rural area and was hit head-on by a car or a van and sent flying and tumbling.

Both motorist and bear appear to have walked away from the accident unhurt, fortunately, although the animal may have retreated into the woods in a state of shock and to nurse his wounds, the extent to which are unknown. The vehicle seems to have suffered some damage in the collision with the bear, however. This incident apparently occurred in Russia, where dash cameras have become very trendy.

The bear makes his appearance at left at about 25 seconds into the video (see embed below).

In Russia, there are believed to be about 6,000 black bears mostly in the far eastern area of the country. Estimates suggest that there are 150,000 formerly endangered brown bears in Russia; there numbers are increased through the efforts of beer rescue organizations and conservationists.

When navigating through parks, which doesn’t apply necessarily to a roadway that runs through a forested area, the US National Park Service recommends driving at the posted speed limit and be prepared to stop suddenly for wildlife, especially at posted crossings.

Parenthetically, the Russian Bear has traditionally been a symbol for the country itself since the early 17th century, which spans the time line of the Czar, the Soviet Union, and the modern Russian Federation.

Given the unpredictability of animal behavior, especially bears, if you accidentally hit a bear with your car, would you get out of the vehicle or just sit tight until the coast was definitely clear?