Awe inspiring photographs of volcanoes in action

Mother Nature is unpredictable at best of time but it never seems to fail that when she is being her most unpredictable she is also her most incredible. Those of us that venture into these moments of incredible danger only to capture the beauty and majesty of these events constantly amaze me.

Such is the photographic work of German photographer Martin Rietze who captured these beautiful images of volcanoes.

A great deal of planning goes into Mr Rietze’s expeditions. He tries to catch volcanoes when they are their highest levels of activity, but calculating the ups and downs of the eruptions can take days to complete. “In principle a volcano can erupt at any time, day and night. This means you have to wait as long as you can for something spectacular, including whole nights,” he says. [via Daily Mail]

Here’s a sample of his work.

Top: Kawah Ijen Volcano in Indonesia

Sakurajima Volcano near Kagoshima Town in South Japan

Lava Lake in Congo

Ol Doinyo Lengai in Northern Tanzania

Etna an Stromboli in Italy