6 “Who knew commercials could be this cool”

Commercials – we all hate them. They are a necessary evil in our media world but for the most part they are boring, insulting or just downright stupid. However every once in a while there is a bright ray of cool that shows up on the horizon and we actually have a chance to watch a commercial that is worth our time to stop and enjoy.

Here’s six commercials that I found while cruising the net that I think rise to that high bar of worth watching if only because they are so damn cool.

Nike – Leave Nothing

I’m not a big sports fan so already sports related commercials are a hard sell but this one from Nike caught my eye. There is also an extended version of it here.

Barclays – Fake

This ad from Barclays has a real touch of the Twilight Zone to it. Then they had to ruin it by letting us know it’s all about money.

Audi – Intelligently Combined

Sorry but they had me at the transparent Rubic’s Cube of car parts.

Who would have thought a head of beer could play such cool music

Levi’s – Knockout

My jaw still hurts.

Saving the best for last. This is just a freaking awesome commercial and there is also a “how’d they do that” video as well over here.