Snapchat Nudes Secretly Sexting Facebook With Leaked Naked Photos

Snapchat nudes are secretly sexting Facebook with naked photos of Snapchat users.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Snapchat nudes were used as spam in a general attack in the public section. Most of the spam involved nude pictures, and they didn’t appear to have any motive behind them other than to send naked pictures to total strangers.

It is now estimated that one in four smartphone users have dirty pics and videos like Snapchat nudes. The study found that 25 percent of mobile phone and tablet users have intimate photos or videos on their devices. Interestingly enough, 36 percent also would not trust their bank accounts to their smartphone, but still have no issue with Snapchat nudes and sexting.

What is more disturbing is that it’s possible to retrieve deleted Snapchat nude pictures and videos. While both apps promise to delete images, texts and videos immediately after they are received, they can not stop a user from taking a screenshot of those messages. iPhones also keeps a temporary image cache and users can connect to their computers to retrieve copies of the Snapchat nudes.

At one point a website called Snapchat Sluts received Snapchat nudes from the users themselves. But now websites like Snapchat Leaked are posting Snapchat nudes without user’s permission as a type of “revenge porn.” Many of these Snapchat nudes are being posted to Facebook as well.

Obviously, Facebook objected to this and closed the pages for Snapchat Leaked. Their website also appears to be down, but Snapchat Leaked says, “Facebook has unpublished our page due to users using the page to ‘bully’ others. We are working with Facebook on this issue.”

How do you think Snapchat nudes and sexting should be dealt with?