‘The Last Of Us’ Season Pass Details Revealed

Season Pass details for The Last of Us have been revealed.

The Last of Us is a game about a man who made a promise to get a teenage girl away from the totalitarian state laws governing a shelter after the zombie apocalypse wipes out most of the US. Joel is the protagonist who leads a supporting character, Ellie, across a landscape littered with the infected, crafting weapons along the way and throwing his morals out the window in the name of survival.

It is rumored that The Last of Us is going to have a multiplayer mode, but it is likely a DLC addition to be released later on. Multiplayer could add a definite Dead Island element to it, making a team of characters cooperate to take on the undead horde and cannibals with custom-upgraded weapons. Ellie might even be playable.

However, multiplayer elements have yet to be supported with any visual gameplay evidence.

There will be one single player expansion, and two multiplayer packs with additional multiplayer maps and other expansions.

Season Pass benefits include increased crafting and healing speed, a 9mm reload speed upgrade, and a rifle clip capacity upgrade. You also get access to Grounded, a 90-minute documentary about the development of The Last of Us which includes interviews with the team.

Much like Assassin’s Creed 2‘s DLC, the single-player expansion of The Last of Us will finish off the story of Joel and Ellie, meaning you’re not getting the full story with the standalone game.

Naughty Dog has hinted that this is simply the beginning of a much larger tale about zombies, cannibalism, and general apocalyptic shenanigans. Joel and Ellie may be just part of the whole story of The Last of Us, as the next game could give us other protagonists entirely or even put us in the role of an undercover enemy. Perhaps there is a secret government double agent being sent to hunt down Joel and Ellie, pretending to be an ally while actually collecting data for the cannibals.

For players who have already written the game off over its supposedly restrictive atmosphere, Naughty Dog is hoping to change their minds with what they have planned for the future.

What do you think of the Season Pass and multiplayer details for The Last of Us?