2009 NFL Draft one year later: New York Jets

The New York Jets may have had the best draft of all the 2009 teams. With just three picks they scored a franchise QB, a future featured RB, and a solid OG. Not too shabby. I gave them high marks last summer for this draft, and I might be higher on them now.

Here is a look at what they did in 2009:

•Round One (5)- QB Mark Sanchez
•Round Three (65)- RB Shonn Green
•Round Six (193)- OG Matt Slauson

I don’t care what people say, that the last rounds of the draft are a waste of time. That making bold moves does not get you anything. Because The Jets traded all over the place in 2009 and not only did they benefit but the teams they traded with also benefited. The traded with the Browns who were not ready to lay out large jack, and got their franchise QB.

On day two they traded a way three late round picks to get Green, and the Lions used those picks to nab two defensive starters. Since the Jets were already a pretty solid team adding these two pieces was huge, and adding a guard later was a solid move. The Jets looked at their draft picks as assets and they turned those assets into players that helped them reach the AFC Championship game. Far too often we see teams that are unwilling to make bold moves, and who are not creative enough to get everything they can get out of their allotted draft picks each year. The Jets and the Lions have learned this lesson and it is the reason they are better teams now.

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