Wow, talk about CSI coming to life

Well the New York version at least as that is the only one of the three that I have I have seen this technology being used. Talk about getting to play with all the cool toys but the University of Bern in Switzerland has been using a robot called Virtobot to study bodies virtually using MRI technology and computer topography software.

Not only are they examining the bodies virtually but they are also creating a digital copy of the body that can be retrieved and studied again at some later date.

Michael Thali and his team also use a specialised robot in their work. They call this forensic high-tech assistant Virtobot. In the Virtopsy laboratory, it projects a light bar onto the corpse being examined. The imaged body contours are recorded in high definition using a digital stereo camera. At the same time, the Virtobot images the texture of the skin. “Then we harmonise these surface images with the three-dimensional CR data of the entire body”, explains Lars Ebert, who programmed Virtobot as part of the National Centres of Competence in Research, Co-Me. Forensic doctors are thus provided with a high-precision, three-dimensional image of the body and can examine it on-screen from all angles, both externally and internally.

Source:Swiss National Science Foundation

At this point any evidence discovered when examining these digital copies is only admissible in court as long as they are accompanied but more traditional cut-and-probe autopsy evidence.