911 Call Sparks Rumors That Bigfoot Was Shot, Killed In Pennsylvania

A recent 911 call sparked rumors that Bigfoot was shot and killed in Pennsylvania.

Police in Altoona received a call from a man who claimed to have proof of the legendary creature on his property. An officer was soon dispatched to the residence, sparking a series of rumors centered around the enormous furry beast.

According to Discovery News, the 911 call caused many Bigfoot hunters to believe the monster of myth and legend had finally been captured. Other reports suggested that a “large manlike creature” was shot and killed in Somerset County.

Although rumors stated that all of this information had been confirmed by authorities, police deny having found anything of significance at the man’s home.

ANI reports that the 911 call regarding the supposed Bigfoot was placed by John Winesickle. He told dispatchers that he had proof of the creature’s existence and wanted someone to come out to his home and have a look. Winesickle also placed a call to the Game Commission regarding his discovery.

The man reportedly showed the responding officer several photographs of what he believed to be Bigfoot tracks found on his property. However, an investigation into the matter proved that the creature had not been captured, killed, or located. In fact, it’s believed that the track belonged to a bear and her cub.

Doubtful News’ Sharon Hill told Discovery News that it didn’t take very long for the news to spread throughout the very enthusiastic Bigfoot community. According to Hill, fans of the monster often spread rumors like wildfire.

“It was typical of Bigfoot rumors — bits and pieces but no real sources. Speculation then went crazy within hours thanks to the Bigfoot online community. This is absolutely the worst way to get information,” she explained.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the 911 call regarding Bigfoot produced no real evidence of the creature’s existence. However, it’s doubtful that this is the last time someone will spot the legendary beast roaming around Pennsylvania.

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]