Disney World Had Loaded Gun With Hollow Point Bullets On Ride

A loaded gun at Disney World was found by an Animal Kingdom guest.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Disneyland explosion did not involve loaded guns or any other weaponry. The Disneyland explosion was caused by dry ice in a trash can and no one was hurt.

The loaded gun at Disney World potentially could have hurt someone. Around noon a woman approached a Disney employee and handed her a loaded gun. The loaded gun was found at Animal Kingdom on the seat of the Dinosaurs ride by a grandmother accompanied by a young boy.

Disney security and Orlando deputies unloaded the Cobra.380 automatic pistol, which had a fully loaded clip of five hollow point bullets.

Angelo Lista, 44, of Royal Palm Beach said the loaded gun “just slipped out” of his back pocket “as a result of the ride being extremely bumpy.” Upon realizing his loaded gun was missing Lista went to Disney security to find the missing pistol.

Lista has a valid concealed weapons permit and went through the security bag check with the gun in his pocket. Lista supposedly did not realize guns, loaded or otherwise, were not allowed in Disney World theme parks. The Disney World no guns rule is posted on their website but apparently there are no posted signs at the gate.

A loaded gun at Disney World is being called a “rare” event by Disney officials. Disney asked the gun owner to leave their parks but did not charge him with anything. Police deputies escorted Lista to his car.

With a loaded gun found at Disney World, do you think gun control laws should allow concealed carry permit owners into theme parks while carrying pistols?