Apple iPhone Displays Won’t Get Bigger Until Technology Is Better, Tim Cook Says

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at AllThingD’s D Conference on Tuesday night, and he spoke about everything Apple.

During his talk, part of the discussion turned towards Apple’s lack of an iPhone model with a bigger display size.

Cook was quick to point out that Apple is not adverse to a larger display size. The company simply doesn’t believe technology is available that matches an Apple customers needs.

According to Cook, “a large screen today comes with a lot of tradeoffs.”

Among the tradeoffs of a bigger screen is more battery power, colors displaying incorrectly, and a darker overall output.

Cook says Apple will continue to watch technology changes and weigh all display size variables as technology meets the company’s stringent quality guidelines. Cook says ultimately Apple engineers will “come out with a decision” when the time is right.

Apple has long maintained that it does not implement certain technologies because the tech doesn’t meet the company’s focus on perfection and mass appeal. For example, NFC technology, a new payment and data transfer platform, has yet to make its way onto Apple based devices.

Tim Cook also notes that the company is currently very interested in wearable technology, although he believes Google Glass is ultimately a niche product that likely won’t receive mass appeal.

During his talk Tim Cook also touched upon Apple TV and its six million sales year-over-year. Apple TV has now moved 13 million Apple TV units.

Apple shareholders have not been happy with the company’s performance lately, a fact that could lead the company to adopting new technologies at a faster rate.

Are you among the Apple iPhone users who want a bigger display size along the lines of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC smartphones?

You can watch Tim Cook’s full AllThingsD talk here: