Slingshot Used To Cool Beer, Then It Destroys Stuff [Viral Video]

Joerg Sprave is a slingshot savant. The man runs the Slingshot Channel on YouTube in which he does really cool stuff with the childhood favorite toy for many boys around the world.

In his most recent, and arguably his most scientific episode so far, Joerg shows viewers how they can cool a beer can with the help of a slingshot and its rubber band.

Here’s the breakdown of how the beer cooling process works: “Rubber stores energy thermally. If you stretch a rubber band, it gets warm. If you relax it again, it gets cold.

Joerg adds: “This video uses a specifically designed contraption that uses this effect to cool a can of beer with nothing more than muscle power and rubber. In fact this may be the first rubber based artificial cooling device ever. Wikipedia is by now in need of an update!”

The room and beer temperature start at 14 degrees centigrade, and, after a few pulls on the slingshot, the beer has dropped in temperature by 2 full degrees centigrade.

While the contraption could be optimized for campers and hikers who want a cold brew while on the road, the real fun is turning it into a mini trebuchet that actually has some decent distance.

Watch the video because it combines three of our favorite things: beer, science, and slingshots destroying things.

Just do us a favor if you decide to make your own beer cooling slingshot, drink the beer and don’t shoot it across the yard. That’s a major party foul.

Did you like the beer cooling slingshot tutorial?