Kim Kardashian Flip-Flops Latest Ugly Feet Episode

Kim Kardashian’s flip-flops are the latest fashion faux pas. Didn’t you always want to see the pregnant 32-year-old reality TV star’s fat swollen feet and ankles, perfectly paired with piano legs, in a pair of cheap black sandals that reveal way too much?

Fugly feet are supposedly the classic pretty girl problem, but c’mon. I’m trying to drink my coffee here.

Radar Online has posted photos of the swollen, fugly feet in question of someone who is allegedly Kim Kardashian coming out of Dan Tana’s famous West Hollywood, California restaurant. Maybe the chunky chick in those photos is Kim, and maybe it isn’t.

Either way, I don’t ever need to see those pictures again.

Some better-pulled together photos also emerged yesterday around the internet, suggesting that Kim Kardashian has faced reality and given up on the tight-fitting clothes. I’ve posted a tweet of one of those shots below.

In that picture, it’s definitely Kim, and she actually looks like somebody who can afford a stylist — but the studded sandals are still showing way too much of her fat, swollen pregnancy feet.

Oh boo hoo. Before you call me out for being so mean, Kardashian knows exactly what she’s doing.

UK tabloid Daily Star said that she’s already considering inking a deal with Weight Watchers.

Maybe she is, and maybe she isn’t, but I happen to have a very large collection of crystal balls, and I’m going to share my prediction for the next few months. Here’s the completely unofficial, not-backed-up-by-anyone-else-here Kim Kardashian pregnancy weight loss forecast:

According to my invisible sources in the spirit realm, Kardashian will have a tummy tuck procedure immediately after the delivery of the baby. She will then promote her astonishing transformation back to her pre-baby curves by telling media everywhere about her wonderful diet and exercise routine.

She may shout out to Weight Watchers, or she may choose to promote another weight loss product. In any event, all the credit will go to Kim’ s hard work, rather than her talented team of surgeons.

Yet, despite equally well-publicized efforts at diet and exercise, Rob Kardashian will still be fighting to lose that last 50 pounds. So says the magic crystal.

Hey. I’m not the only mean girl. Here’s some of the latest from Twitter:

Just saw a photo of Kim Kardashian. Did she eat Kanye West?

— Vaibhav(@pragmatistic) May 29, 2013

Don’t hold back. Fire at will in the comments if you’ve got an opinion on Kim Kardashian’s flip flops.

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