Michelle Rodriguez Says 'Fast And Furious 7' Starts Shooting In September

Todd Rigney

Michelle Rodriguez confirmed that Fast and Furious 7 will begin shooting in September.

Considering now much money Justin Lin's Fast and Furious 6 made at the box office over the weekend, it's not surprising that Universal is putting the next installment on the fast track.

In order to get the film into theaters by next summer, the studio will need to get the ball rolling very soon. According to star Michelle Rodriguez, Fast and Furious 7 will go before the cameras in the next few months.

"They just announced that ‘Fast & Furious 7' shoots in September and will release in 2014 next year in July," Rodriguez told Cafecito host Feliciano Garcia.

Universal is no doubt striking while the iron is hot. Fast and Furious is a hot property right now, and the studio doesn't want to lose that momentum. Fast and Furious 6 has already earned $314 million worldwide, and it stands to make quite a bit more.

Saw director James Wan was brought in to helm the seventh installment of the record-breaking series. Lin, who has directed every installment of the franchise since Tokyo Drift, recently decided to pass on the project.

If Universal is moving forward with Fast and Furious 7, where does that leave the Luke Hobbs spin-off? Dwayne Johnson said earlier this year that the movie would hit theaters ahead of the next sequel.

"Possibly after this one or after the next one, possibly. I'm not quite too sure. I know that's the goal and we continue to build that character and have him take shape. But yes, I can't wait," Johnson told the folks at Empire last March.

There was a good reason why he was stressing the word "probably." Depending on what becomes of Hobbs during the next movie, the project could still move forward. With Johnson's increasingly busy schedule, he could have trouble working it in.

Are you looking forward to Fast and Furious 7? Do you think the series is wearing out its welcome?