Lena Dunham Pees At Starbucks On Memorial Day, Twitter Gets Upset

Lena Dunham recently discovered that you probably shouldn’t mention “Memorial Day” and “peeing” in the same tweet.

The Girls creator posted on Monday about urinating inside no less than two Starbucks bathrooms on the holiday. Although this tweet isn’t entirely remarkable in and of itself, the message also included the words “Happy Memorial Day!”

Before long, Lena Dunham found herself knee deep in angry Twitter users that were offended by the tweet. Some users were much angrier than others, and they let their feelings be known by firing off several mean-spirited and vulgar tweets.

At one point during the exchange, someone suggested that Dunham should die of breast cancer. Shortly after receiving this message, she decided to address the situation with her detractors.

“Just an FYI to conservative dudes tweeting hate at me: ‘I hope you get breast cancer’ is way more offensive than anything I’ve ever written,” she wrote.

Of course, this didn’t stop folks from continuing their attacks against Dunham.

“Who really cares what a skank like you did on a day when we are trying to show gratitude to the sacrifice paid by our vets?” one user tweeted this afternoon.

Blogger Michelle Malkin jumped into the fray at one point, calling the actress a “rude, classless ingrate” for making the remark. As you can see from some of the tweets embedded below, her response was a bit more restrained than others.

However, not everyone was spreading hate about the Girls creator. “Seems like a whole bunch of bitterness toward a successful outspoken woman. Cheers, Lena!” one supporter tweeted.

Below you can find Lena Dunham’s original tweet and a few responses. A quick search for Lena Dunham on Twitter will give you more reactions to her post than you can handle.

@lenadunham You are one sick individual. Thanks for connecting a Day of Honor with your bodily functions. Disgusting…

— Dennis Diede (@dennisdiede) May 28, 2013

What do you think about Lena Dunham’s Memorial Day tweet? Were you offended by it?

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