Noise Canceling Tech 400 Times Faster Than Google Fiber Possible

Noise canceling tech 400 times faster than Google Fiber has been declared entirely possible in new findings published via Nature Photonics.

The research team was led by Xiang Liu of Bell Laboratories, who used a process known as phase conjugation to shoot a signal 400 gigabits per second through 12,800 kilometers of fiber optic cable.

Compare that to what Google Fiber offers — one gigabit per second — and you can see where the noise canceling tech 400 times faster than Google Fiber claim comes from.

According to Venture Beat, noise canceling headphones utilize a microphone that captures any outside noises within earshot. That mike sends an inverted set of sounds picked up by background noise to cancel out. Fiber optic cable makes use of light waves for the transference of data, and Liu’s team believes that the same process can be used in the newer medium.

The only drawback is that it requires an enormous amount of power to speed up the process, and that power results in a lot of “noise,” which would slow down the speed and reliability of your Internet.

Sending twin light beams down a fiber optic cable to accompany the original transmission would eliminate the noise, thus resulting in an Internet surfing experience that basically takes you to the sites you want to go to or streams movies, sports, and TV, before they’ve even happened.

(We’re joking, of course.)

Point is, current high-speed Internet isn’t exactly the drag that dial-up was. But even at the current best, Google Fiber blows it out of the water. And noise canceling tech could possibly make GF seem like dial-up.

The mind boggles.

The discovery is reminiscent of those days when a certain IQ writer stared at the upcoming screenshots for games on the Sega CD and thought to himself, “No way they’ll ever top this.”

So even as Google’s revolutionary Internet infrastructure expands to more cities and the FCC demands one gigabit service in all 50 states by 2015, it’s entirely possible we’re dealing with an already outdated piece of technology.

Do you think noise canceling tech 400 times faster than Google Fiber is possible on a broader scale?

[Image via ShutterStock]