‘Sonic: Lost World’ Races Out With Debut Trailer [Video]

Sonic: Lost World has landed its debut trailer.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the blue blur in much more than an archive of classic Sega titles. For a while, everything Sonic the Hedgehog touched was gold. Even Sonic Pinball had its charm for such a short game. Then Sonic the Hedgehog went 3D, and like most mascot 3D titles, it was a steaming heap of frustration and everything but fun.

It wasn’t until later titles that Sonic came back to the awesomeness that he was born in, and then just as quickly, he was lame again. In a time when fighting games were all the rage, Sonic tried to cash in on the craze with Sonic: the Fighters. After maybe playing it twice, most gamers tossed it in the pile with most of the Tomb Raider sequels.

Sonic: Lost World appears to have crossed the side-scrolling elements of the games we loved before the series took a dump on our expectations, with the 3D elements of Sega’s later efforts. The result looks like Sega’s version of Super Mario Galaxy. It seems to blend the recent 3D Sonic games with some side-scrolling action and gravity defying moves.

The debut trailer for Sonic: Lost World begins with a bunch of small animals including chickens and pigs on a grassy hill, with trademark Sonic landmarks in the background including checkerboard patterned pieces of terrain. Something falls nearby and we see a gang of large meanies appear ready to snatch the animals up.

We are assuming this isn’t Dr. Eggman’s crew, as the words “A powerful enemy emerges” flash on the screen over them.

One of the meanies scares the small animals as we then see Sonic the Hedgehog drop in from the sky, preceding the words, “Only one can stop them.”

We then see Sonic hit the leader and start racing away like we know him to do, daring the meanies to catch him.

The rest of the video is above. Sonic: Lost World is due to hit the 3DS and Wii U by the end of 2013, barring complication.

What do you think of the debut trailer for Sonic: Lost World?