$100 Bills Smell Like Maple Syrup In Canada [Video]

$100 bills reportedly smell just like maple syrup in Canada.

The Bank of Canada recently issued new plastic-based $100 notes that have a highly unusual feature. According to some folks, the bills have a secret “scratch and sniff” panel that unleashes the scent of maple tree sap.

Officials at the Bank of Canada have reportedly been overwhelmed with correspondence from citizens regarding the smell of the $100 bills. Apparently there are quite a few people out there who caught a whiff of maple syrup when they stuck their noses close to the note.

The new bills, which are said to be extremely hard to counterfeit, have caught the attention of people across the country. Many of them have send letters and emails in hopes of getting to the bottom of this peculiar mystery.

“I would like to know once and for all if these bills are in fact scented, as I do detect a hint of maple when smelling the bill,” one person inquired.

Another individual seemed more concerned with the fact that the maple syrup smell was starting to fade from his polymer $100 notes.

“The note… lost its maple smell. I strongly suggest the Bank increases the strength of the… maple smell,” one concerned citizen wrote to the Bank of Canada.

Do the $100 bills smell like maple syrup in Canada? According to officials, the notes do not contain anything that would make them pleasantly odorous. Unless the truth is still being concealed, this could be a case of wishful thinking.

“The Bank has not added any scent to the new bank notes,” the bank said in a statement.

The maple syrup smell isn’t the only thing people have inquired about. Since the new bills debuted, the Bank of Canada has been hit with questions and complaints regarding a number of different factors. People have reportedly complained about the notes sticking together and the accuracy of the maple leaf depicted on the bill.

What do you think about rumors that Canadian $100 bills smell like maple syrup? Is this wishful thinking or the power of suggestion?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]