Brother And Sister On Kiss Cam: 'This Is Embarrassing' [Video]

Jennifer Deutschmann

A brother and sister on a kiss cam are embarrassed after they were featured as a couple on the big screen. Camera operators saw the siblings sitting together at a Los Angeles Dodgers game and assumed they were a couple.

The incident was embarrassing for both siblings. James realized what was happening immediately, leaving his seat to run away. His sister remained in her seat looking stunned and confused.

As reported by the Christian Post, the camera followed James as he tried to escape. James explains why he jumped up and ran:

"... I thought, 'You know what? It'd be really funny if I just took off running right now... I'm like halfway up the stairs and I look back and I'm still on there and I'm like, 'Oh man, this is embarrassing."

The brother and sister on the kiss cam found the situation awkward, but were able to find some humor in the embarrassing situation.

Awkward kiss cam moments are not unheard of. Earlier this month a kiss cam at a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game apparently led to an argument. The female waited patiently for a kiss while her date continued talking on his cell phone. She eventually left her seat, walking away with the team mascot. linked to the captured video. put together a compilation of the "funniest and most awkward kiss cam fails of all time." The compilation features denied kisses, spilled beers, inappropriate groping, several mascot kisses, and a few interesting physical altercations. One of the clips features President Obama and his wife Michelle denying to kiss on the cam at a team USA exhibition basketball game.

Some people love the kiss cam and some people hate it. Either way, the results can be either interesting or downright funny. The brother and sister on the kiss cam were not thrilled with the embarrassing situation, but they are able to smile about it now.

[Image via Wikimedia]