Justin Bieber Mistaken Identity, Reportedly Not Driving Car In New Alleged Reckless Claim

Justin Bieber’s link to a new alleged reckless driving incident can reportedly be put down to a case of mistaken identity.

Earlier today, several entertainment outlets reported that two neighbors in the Calabasas, Los Angeles gated enclave where the 19-year-old has a home, called the police on Monday, May 27, to complain that the singer allegedly raced his Ferrari in the gated community at around 8 pm.

Although TMZ previously stated that “several people witnessed the speeding incident and say Justin was definitely in the driver’s seat,” a subsequent report by Radar Online now states this is incorrect.

Reportedly, it was Tyler, The Creator — also known as Tyler Gregory Okonma — a 22-year-old rapper-producer with hip-hop collective Odd Future, who was driving Bieber’s white Ferrari on Monday.

On the basis of the dual neighbor complaints, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. reportedly opened an investigation into Bieber’s alleged involvement.

However, Radar Online reports that a source connected to the probe has said it is unlikely Bieber will be charged as he was not driving the Ferrari at the time of the alleged reckless driving incident.

Radar quotes a source as saying:

“Yes, it was Justin’s car but it was Tyler, The Creator who was the driver — not Justin.”

Tyler and Bieber are good friends and the rapper previously submitted a song for the “Boyfriend” singer’s 2012 Believe album, which he co-wrote with Frank Ocean. The song did not make the album.

Meanwhile, questions over previous reports stating witnesses claimed Bieber had been driving the Ferrari are now highlighted.

In addition,‘witness’ claims that the teen singer “appeared stoned” may also be inflammatory embellishments.

Into the mix of this rapidly evolving story, it’s emerged that former NFL wide receiver now ESPN broadcaster, Keyshawn Johnson, is reportedly one of the Calabasas neighbors who called the police on Monday.

According to TMZ, Johnson had just left a party at a location in Calabasas and was traveling with his child in his Prius, when he saw a white Ferrari race past him.

The gossip site goes on to narrate a somewhat breathless story that involved a “furious” Johnson chasing the Ferrari to Bieber’s home, after he dropped his child off.

TMZ claims that when Johnson arrived at Bieber’s home, he proceeded to block the Canadian’s Ferrari in the driveway, then got out of his car to confront the singer.

The website claims the singer “ran inside of his house and refused to come out,” while also noting (with derogatory nuance) the difference between Johnson and Bieber’s height and weight.

While multiple reports on the new alleged reckless driving claim and its alleged tangents are now hitting the cycle, a separate battery allegation made against Bieber by another neighbor in March is now being reviewed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

[Image via Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com]