Fan Slaps Beyonce On The Butt, Gets Away With It

One would imagine as a fan slaps Beyonce, security personnel would be displeased — but somehow, a concertgoer managed to smack the singer on her butt while Bey performed in Denmark.

It seems from accounts of the fan slapping Beyonce, the singer took it in stride — but by the same token, it is the sort of thing females (both famous and not) dread, and no one should be touched in such a way without their consent.

British music mag NME explained the fan slaps Beyonce as she performed one of her bigger hits, and the star jokes in response about having the man chucked from the concert — but appears not to follow through.

The mag says:

Singing ‘Irreplaceable’, Beyonce walks up to her audience and hands them the microphone to sing the ‘to the left’ line of the song. However, as she walked away from one fan he slapped her on the bottom. Taking the playful move in jest, Beyonce joked ‘I’ll have you escorted out for that.’ “

While on one hand, an incident in which a fan slaps Beyonce on the rear end during a fun audience participation bit seems like no big deal, allowing the guy to just get away with it is kind of a bad message to send about female bodily autonomy — and the more we see it, the more infuriating it is.

In the above clip, you can see the singer extending the mic to the smiling fan, who slaps Beyonce after as he is about to walk away.

What do you think of the above clip and the fan who slapped Beyonce’s behavior? Do you think he should have been ejected from the concert at the very least, and that show security should do a better job at protecting talent from minor incidents of sexual assault like this?