Amanda Seyfried In Talks For ‘While We’re Young’

Amanda Seyfried has entered final negotiations for While We’re Young, the new film from Noah Baumbach.

According to a recent report from The Wrap, should the deal close, Seyfried will join a cast that already includes Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, and Adam Driver. Seyfried would play the role of Driver’s love interest.

The plot centers on a seasoned married couple (Stiller and Watts), who strike up an unlikely friendship with a free-spirited younger couple. Not much is known about the character that Seyfried would be playing beyond her free spirit (of course) and her hobby of making homemade ice cream.

Baumbach has a nice talent for witty dialogue and blending comedy and drama without digging heels too deeply into either genre. His latest effort was 2012’s Frances Ha starring Greta Gerwig, an actress whom sources have indicated was in the running for the part that Amanda Seyfried is now on the verge of landing.

Had that happened, Gerwig would have been reunited with her co-star from the film, Driver.

Frankly, we’re glad to see Seyfried stepping into this type of role. While one look at the actress’s IMDb resume will prove she has no problems staying busy, she’s done a lot of girl-next-door type movies, and seeing her step out as more of a free spirit will be a nice change of pace.

Of course, even had she not progressed this far in negotiations, we’ll have a chance to see plenty of her in the upcoming biopic Lovelace. For those unfamiliar with the material, Seyfried will star as former porn star Linda Lovelace.

That film’s release date is slated for August 23, 2013 in the UK. No word on an American release date just yet, but we’re betting it’ll be in time for Awards Season.

Seyfried has also shown an interest in playing Hillary Clinton in the upcoming film Rodham, which is expected to roll by 2016.

As for While We’re Young, don’t hold us to it, but considering the film hasn’t advanced to the shooting stages, we wouldn’t expect it until 2014.

Where would you place Amanda Seyfried on the list of top Hollywood actresses?

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