Papa John’s CEO Sends Apology After Delivery Man’s Racist ‘Butt-Dial’

A Papa John’s delivery man sent a racist “butt-dial” to a customer on accident in Sanford, Florida and the pizza company’s CEO has now apologized for the incident. The accidental voicemail was left on Sunday after the delivery man dropped off the customer’s order.

During the “butt-dial,” the Papa John’s delivery guy goes on a rant, which also included some racist remarks about his tip from the customers. The racist comments were very bothersome, and the customer also took to YouTube and posted a photo of his bill, which showed that he tipped the Papa John’s employee 21 percent.

Not only did the delivery man complain about a very reasonable tip, but he continues on while using the “N” word when speaking to another employee. The disturbing voicemail lasts about four minutes, according to ABC’s Good Morning America.

“I guess that’s the only requirement for being a [insert N-word] in Sanford,” the delivery driver said in the voicemail. “Yeah, they give me five bucks there — fine outstanding African-American gentleman of the community.”

The co-worker who was involved in the discussion laughed off his partner’s comments. The news eventually made its way to Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter who posted an apology on the company’s Facebook page and also noted that both employees were fired due to the incident.

“Friends, I am extremely concerned to learn about the reprehensible language used by two former employees in one of our restaurants,” Schnatter stated on the Facebook page. “Their thinking and actions defy both my personal and the company’s values, and everything for which this company stands.”

He went on to add that the employees “responsible for this absolutely unacceptable behavior were immediately terminated.”

The popular company’s founder can regularly be seen in Papa John’s commercials across the globe, which has created a connection between him and his pizza lovers. He added to the statement by explaining how sorry he was for the customers that dealt with the “butt-dial.”

“My heartfelt apology goes out to the customer involved, his family and our community at large. I am very sorry that anyone would be exposed to these hurtful and painful words by any person involved in any way with our company,” Schnatter said.

Have you ever had a bad experience similar to the Papa John’s delivery man’s racist “butt-dial?”

[Image via Creative Commons]