'Death Ray Manta' Blasting Its Way To PlayStation Vita

David Cornell

Death Ray Manta is coming to PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita is a console we haven't heard much about lately, much like almost anything Sony related. Gamers have been pleading with Sony to not use DRM requirements with PlayStation 4. In that case, DRM stands for digital rights management.

However, this DRM is Death Ray Manta, a classic-style arcade shooter that uses twin arcade sticks much like Midway's Smash TV, or Robotron. The protagonist in Death Ray Manta is a googly-eyed Elasmobranchii that shoots lasers. Yup, this is old-school gaming, where the story didn't matter as long as the game was addictingly fun. A sort of sea creature that shoots lasers was all you needed back then.

Death Ray Manta is almost pre-NES level gaming, but back then graphics weren't the focus so much as just making the game fun enough to keep the arcade cabinet taking your money. The game recently had a minor comeback on Android and iOS, so it makes sense that it should stay portable. Hence the PlayStation Vita.

This doesn't mean that designer Robert Fearon isn't planning to make the game an amazing visual experience due to the game's almost archaic look. Quite the contrary: Death Ray Manta (the PlayStation Vita game's title hasn't even been nailed down yet) is being packed with extras, better graphics, the works. Robert Fearon wants to take full advantage of what the PlayStation Vita can do. He states, "[We] want to make it the best, most expansive DRM that we can make. There'd be no point doing it otherwise."

Considering that the PlayStation Vita has some current-generation titles on it, the gamers will be expecting a lot more than what Death Ray Manta offers on other mobile platforms. The economy is down and the stakes are high. You can't expect gamers to slap their cash on the counter for just anything any more.

We are hoping that Robert Fearon does indeed put everything he can into the new Death Ray Manta. Classic arcade-style gameplay is something we haven't seen in a while outside mobile devices and downloadable games.

Are you excited to see Death Ray Manta on the PlayStation Vita?