Keith Urban Has ‘No Idea’ If He’s Returning To ‘American Idol’

Keith Urban still isn’t sure if he’s coming back for American Idol next season.

The country music star is just as clueless as everyone else when it comes to his role in the singing competition. If producers have decided to bring him back next season, then nobody has informed him about the good news.

“I’m pretty much in the same boat as everybody else here with the rumors that have been floating around. I don’t know anything more about what’s happening next season. It was like this before I signed on … so it’s not unusual for the ‘Idol’ folks to be in this place of figuring out what they want to do, then they always pull it together,” Keith Urban told CBS News.

Urban told People magazine that he would love to come back for the next go-around.

“I would. I mean, I literally enjoy coming to work every day, and that’s a rarity. I joined an ensemble like this in the same way I joined a band. I like being in a team and I felt that immediately, with [host Ryan Seacrest] and Randy [Jackson], particularly,” the 45-year-old musician explained.

Various reports suggest that none of the judges are coming back for the next season of American Idol. Record low ratings, combined with negative feedback from viewers, have sent FOX scrambling back to the proverbial drawing board.

However, Keith Urban’s latest album will likely keep him busy while he’s waiting to see what happens. The country music star is set to release Fuse this September. The musician told Billboard that he has plenty of songs lined up for possible inclusion on the album.

“I’ve probably got about 16 or 17 songs, and I’ve got about three or four, maybe five more to do. There’s lost of material; I’ve just got to figure out what constitutes the album at this stage,” Urban explained. He added that some of the songs will be featured during his Light The Fuse tour.

“Basically we’re going to hit the road with one single out, an album in the works, and there’ll just be certain songs that feel right to do live even though nobody knows them,” Urban said. “So our stage will be kind of like our radio station, and we’ll be playing these songs for the first time.”

Keith Urban fans can catch the country music star on tour this summer while they’re waiting to see if he returns to American Idol next season.

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