‘Arrested Development’ Cast Members Talk About The Bluth’s Return

The return of Arrested Development finally arrived on Sunday, and, as expected, fans of the show flocked to Netflix to catch up with the Bluths after six long years off the air.

The cast of the show have been in promotional overdrive over the last few days in an attempt to make sure that their loyal fan base is rewarded for all of their hard work and effort in getting the show back on air. And it would appear that all of them were very surprised to be able to work on the show again.

Portia de Rossi, who stars as Lindsay Bluth on Arrested Development, stated, “When we were canceled back in 2006, I would have never imagined that we would do this rival for Netflix or be a part of this kind of business model where they can release all the episodes at the same time.”

She went on to add, “But a part of me knew because the cast loved the show much and loved working with each other… that I kind of figured that we would all get together again at some point to do something.”

Michael Cera also remarked on its revival stating, “I thought it was done for good, like most TV shows. It never occurred to me that we’d have this opportunity.’

Cera then added, “I always thought it would be fun to pickup where the story left off because it’s such an ongoing story and that figures into that obviously. Mostly I just wanted to be around these people again.”

The actor, who has starred in the likes of Superbad since the show’s original conclusion, went on to praise the reunion, noting, “It’s one thing to see people every now and then all apart, but to actually be getting to work with these people under the same, more or less, circumstances … I never thought I could even hope for it.”

What did you think of Arrested Development’s comeback?