Hulk Hogan Severely Burns His Hand, Tweets A Series Of Gross Pictures

Former wrestling icon must be relieved that he doesn’t have to duel in the ring anymore after a radiator explosion left his left hand with severe burns.

The accident occurred on Sunday evening when the 59-year-old wrestling hero was at his home in Tampa, Florida. The Hulkster isn’t one to cower away from such injuries though and reveled in showing his abundance of Twitter followers images of his hand.

After the accident happened, he uploaded a picture of his blistering hand simply with the caption, “Just had a radiator explode on my hand, OUCH.”

Hulk, whose real name is Terry Bollea, then decided to keep his followers updated by releasing a stream of tweets to his fans describing the injury.

His second tweet simply stated, “Double OUCH,” whilst his third proclaimed, “Triple OUCH,” both of which were accompanied by pictures of his hand pulsating with pain as the blisters grew.

Hogan then decided that his only option was to visit the hospital to get his hand injuries checked by a doctor. He told his followers, “at the ER now at Tampa General Hospital.”

After an hour, the star began to tell people about how his left hand was being dealt with by a surgeon, who decided to remove the burnt tissue from his body.

Hogan then uploaded his most gruesome picture yet after doctors drained his blisters and cut the skin, which was accompanied by the caption, “Getting cut on brother.”

Hogan then showed of his fingers without skin after the doctor had completed his work, stating, “Skinned like a cat.” However the former WWF star wasn’t finished there as this morning he tweeted a photo of his injuries asking fans, “Would you like it rare?”

It is thought that Hogan’s accident occurred when he was looking to adjust the engine of his boat.

[Image via s-bukley/Shutterstock]