Melissa Leo Joins ‘Wayward Pines’ At Fox

Melissa Leo has joined Wayward Pines, a new 10-episode scripted drama at Fox, according to a Monday report from The Hollywood Reporter.

The series will be based on the work of Blake Crouch, a gifted author now publishing independently and through Amazon. His Wayward Pines series is handled by Thomas and Mercer, Amazon’s publishing arm.

For the last few years, Crouch has authored and co-authored several books, most frequently with traditional publisher bane J.A. Konrath. Together, the two have been pioneers in breaking free from the traditional publishing mold and leading the charge on the indie author front.

According to THR, the star of Wayward Pines will be Matt Dillon, who plays Ethan Burke, a Secret Service agent who comes to the town of Wayward Pines, Idaho, looking for two missing feds.

Of course, the mystery only deepens as he begins his investigation, eventually landing him in the city’s hospital where he becomes the target of the sinister Nurse Pam.

Melissa Leo will play the nurse, and, if you’ve seen her shrewish work in The Fighter, then you know she should wear this role like a glove.

Leo won Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film and was also nominated for Best Actress for her breakthrough role in 2008’s Frozen River. Since The Fighter, she has stayed busy with the HBO series Treme.

With this new series, she will be teaming with another Oscar nominee in Dillon, who received his nomination for work in the 2004 Best Picture winner Crash.

Wayward Pines is slated for 2014 and has joined the renewed 24 as well as the long-running Bones on the network’s scripted drama front.

Also in 2014, Leo will star in the films Prairie Bones and I Fought the Law.

Are you a Melissa Leo fan? What do you think of the new series?

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