Grumpy Cat Auction Features Tardar Sauce Art Like Sir Grumpsalot

The grumpy cat auction features works of art depicting Tardar Sauce, the world’s grumpiest cat.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the grumpy cat auction is overshadowed by Tardar Sauce’s kitten photos. It seems Tardar Sauce was simply born grumpy.

Called “The Grumpy Cat Art Project” by the Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment center, the grumpy cat auction features a collection of artworks inspired by Tardar Sauce and her famous frown. Kind of like the artistic antithesis to Mona Lisa.

These artistic interpretations of the grumpy cat are serious works of art created from painted glass, chain mail with 1300 links, and other materials. The grumpy cat auction started on May 27 and will run through May 31. Proceeds from the grumpy cat auction will go towards programs benefiting the art center’s 100 working artists, including a children’s playground. We’re assuming children will be allowed to have fun at the grumpy cat playground.

Dustin Timbrook, the Tardar Sauce the grumpy cat auction project’s brainchild, explained the reason behind featuring the grumpy cat:

“The main idea was to get people’s attention. We knew Grumpy Cat would grab plenty of people, and she’s an expressive subject. … We really wanted to use this project to show how art can elevate even the silliest subject. The Grumpy Cat meme has incredible appeal to a huge audience – and now that audience can see how the talents at Lowe Mill were inspired by it.”

Various incarnations of Tardar Sauce at the grumpy cat auction can be viewed online. The grumpy cat art is also being sold online. I imagine they’ll be snapped up quickly by the world’s neets. Then again, how could they afford it in the first place.

Grumpy Cat Auction

When I said I was writing about Tardar Sauce the grumpy cat my father recommended I do an article on side dishes that go with tardar sauce. I know he didn’t know what I was talking about, but perhaps cat would go well with Asian food. Or in Asian food. Meh, either way, Tardar Sauce will not be pleased. Or will he? The grumpiness might hide a masochistic streak…

What do you think about this grumpy cat auction featuring Tardar Sauce?