Teen Who Killed Parents Says He Slept Through Shooting, Loves Them

The strange Florida shooting of two parents by their 14-year-old son has gotten new media attention as the 911 call he made shortly after the killings has been released. In it, the boy painfully confesses to the shooting, though adds that he has no idea why he did it.

In the tape, Alex Crain is heard begging police to hurry to his Naples home to help his parents. "I was sleeping and the next thing I knew, I had a gun in my hand. And my parents were on the ground," he says. Crain, now 15, was charged as an adult and will spend 20 years of his life in jail for manslaughter, reports NY Daily. He told the dispatcher that he hadn't been arguing with his parents and wasn't mad at them. "I wasn't upset!" he said, claiming that he did not know why he shot them.

Crain stayed home from school that day in 2010, and shot parents Thomas and Kelly Crain. He told the dispatcher that they were in the bathroom, though previous reports put them in their bedroom. "I hit my dad in the shoulder and I don't know where I hit my mom," Crain says. His mother advised him to call 911 after the shooting, and the dispatcher had him call out to them. Niether answered. Crain hysterically confessed to killing his parents in the back of the police car that arrived to pick him up.

Back when Crain was convicted, neither he nor his attorney revealed a motive. The 16-minute 911 tape may reveal that there isn't one, according to ABC. "I love my parents," Crain continually asserts. "I love my parents."

"Alex, sometimes things happen and we don't understand, OK?" the dispatcher reassured him. "And you did a very good job by calling us immediately after the incident happened."

Crain's attorney said that his client suffers from a severe mental illness. "I've had plenty of conversations with Alex, with Alex's doctors, about his history and growing up and frankly, it's none of anyone's business," he later said. Prosecutors didn't buy it, and proceeded with their case, saying, "when it was determined there really weren't any mental issues that gave us concern."

Crain, who turns 16 in about two weeks, is "now presently being evaluated" in the Department of Corrections' Reception and Medical Center in Lake Butler. After that time, he will be transferred to a more permanent location.