San Antonio Flooding Kills Three

San Antonio, TX — Massive floods in San Antonio have killed three people and forced more than 130 others to be rescued from their homes and cars.

Two women died on Saturday in the city, including one who was swept away as rescue workers were approaching her. A third body was recovered on Sunday near Cibolo Creek, bringing the death toll to three.

The worst of the rainfall is now over and river levels are expected to return to normal very quickly. However, the devastation left behind will not go away so fast.

Hundreds of people had to be evacuated because of floods and other problems this weekend. San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood added that there were about 250 water-related calls in the first 15 hours of Saturday.

The first confirmed flood fatality happened on Saturday around 7:30 am when a woman about 30 years old was reported missing. Her body was found about three hours later. An older female driver was swept away in her car while rescue workers attempted to free her.

Firefighters reached her vehicle and broke a window. But as her would-be rescuers tried to get her out of the car, the currents changed and washed it away. The woman’s car rolled on top of the rescue boat, forcing the firefighters trying to help her out. When they were able to climb back in, the car was already submerged in 25-feet of water.

Subsequent efforts to find her were called a “body recovery, according to Hood. He added, “You can imagine how emotionally spent you are trying to rescue somebody, you’re face-to-face with them, and then they’re washed away.” The woman’s body was discovered hours after.

The third victim was 18-year-old Avram Adams, who was tugged downstream amid a massive flood surge on Saturday. His body was found on Sunday morning, not far from where he was last seen.

Along with the loss of human life, dozens of homes suffered flood damage in San Antonio.

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