‘Dust 514’ May Just Be Your Next Go-To Shooter

Dust 514 may just be the shooter you didn’t know you wanted.

Technically Eve: Dust 514, this shooter connects directly to the world of Eve Online. Released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on May 14, it’s free to play, so unless you don’t own the console, you really have no excuse not to at least try it.

The story of Dust 514 involves the people of Earth, having used up the planet’s resources, beginning to colonize the Milky Way when a wormhole opens. Tying in to the story of Eve Online, we start using the wormhole to travel back and forth and colonize a new solar system when the wormhole collapses, leaving humanity on the verge of another self-made apocalypse. Of course, being human nature, we begin to tear each other apart for our own survival.

Dust 514 combines the elements of first-person shooters with those of MMORPGs to create a rather unique kind of game.

According to PlayStation Universe, Dust 514 is an addictive title you’ll want to come back to. It takes a page out of Dead Space by sticking you in a suit of deep space armor and giving you a gun. That’s about where the similarities end, as the environment itself is clean and expansive. Eve Online spans 7,000 solar systems all interconnected to give you massive space to roam and conquer.

Dust 514 attempts to create an immersive, epic experience and generally succeeds as it draws you into a deep and involving combat system. Games Radar says it will take you longer to progress as a free player, but cough up some cash and you’ll see it speed up a little, so it does give you an incentive to put cash into the experience. Eve players are relegated to outer space, Dust 514 players take to the planets, and in a cool turn, Dust 514 players can call down orbital attacks from Eve players.

Destructoid calls Dust 514 an ambitious game that might eventually reach the goal it sets for itself, so there is still room for improvement.

Try it out for free and see if it doesn’t grab you and make you a long-time resident of the Eve Online universe.

What do you think of Dust 514?