Rams Coach Jeff Fisher Set To Unleash 7-Foot, 400 Pound Offensive Tackle

The St. Louis Rams may have found themselves the biggest football player the world has ever seen, as they signed undrafted free agent Terrell Brown. The mammoth offensive tackle stand at 7-feet tall and weighs in over 400 pounds.

Before the recent NFL Draft, Brown was listed as being 6-foot-10 and 388 pounds, but after he met with Rams, head coach Jeff Fisher said those numbers weren’t spot on.

“Actually, we weighed him in at 403,” Fisher told reporters on Thursday about his newest tackle. “We had him in for the tryout, and he had some issues that we had to clear up from a physical standpoint. But he got that put behind us.”

The Rams made the right decision in bringing him in, as they moved him around on both sides of the ball to see where he fits best. Brown played at Ole Miss, where he spent time on the defensive line, though it looks like he’ll be protecting quarterbacks instead of attacking them when he gets his chance with the Rams.

“We worked him out on both sides of the ball, defensive line and offensive line, and we felt like his best position would be right tackle,” Fishes added. “[Rams offensive line coach Paul Boudreau] said he’d love to have him. He’s a defensive lineman that we’ve converted to offensive lineman.”

The 55-year-old head coach also jokingly noted that he may use Terrell Brown on special teams to “block” kicks. The monster of a man didn’t receive much playing time in his college career, but you wouldn’t have noticed it during Ole Miss’ pro day.

Brown had all eyes focused on him, and he even proved he’s got some “giddy-up” behind his massive build. The 7-footer ran two consecutive 40-times in 5.80 seconds and 5.88 seconds, which isn’t all that bad considering he’s been told before that his future in professional football is practically nonexistent.

Here’s video of Terrell Brown collapsing a chair while playing at Ole Miss. Jokes aside, if he can work out the kinks before the season starts he’ll surely be a tough guy to get through for the St. Louis Rams.

[Image via AJ Guel]